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Protein and Metabolic Balance

Updated: Oct 29, 2020

One of the most important Metabolic Balance rules is: “Eat only one type of protein per meal, but at each of the three meals a different source of protein. ” Often we are then asked: “How many and which types of protein are there?” Here we have summarized our main protein groups for you:

• Meat (incl. ham, dried and smoked meat, lamb (including ostriches and wild game meat) • Poultry (all feathered animals except ostriches) • Fish • Seafood • Cow’s milk products (cheese, milk, yogurt) • Sheep and goat’s milk products (cheese, cream, yogurt) • Mushrooms (only oyster and shiitake mushrooms; all other mushrooms are considered as vegetables) • Eggs • Nuts and seeds • Sprouts • Legumes • Soy and soy products (partially subdivided)

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